Community Scholars

About the Program

This is a participatory action research course that lifts up critical policy and social justice issues. It convenes community scholars and UCLA students for horizontal learning over 2 quarters. During Fall quarter, it focuses on equipping undergraduates to participate in a Community Scholars course and recruiting the community
participants for the January launch of the course.

Winter/Spring consists of working collaboratively to identify a policy issue and produce a final project to address it.

Our Goal

Bringing a critical and race conscious framework to two urgent areas of social policy: the dehumanization of global migrants and the mass criminalization of the poor and POC.

Our Themes

1. Cross-Border Solidarity for Transborder Migrant Justice (2020-21).

2. Labor and the Future of Work in a Decarcerated California (2021-22).

Cross-Border Solidarity for Transborder Migrant Justice (2020-21).

1. Explore the unique nature of collaboration between social justice practitioners on both sides of the US-Mexico border.

2. Support partners working to address exploitation, and social and legal discrimination across the migrant journey.

3. Shape migrant-led solutions and a framework to sustain community leadership and solidarity across borders.

Labor and the Future of Work in a Decarcerated California (2021-22)

1. Examine the labor and employment dimensions of policy changes aimed at reducing incarceration in California.

2. Support Labor-affiliated change agents to incorporate worker wellness issues in the pursuit of alternatives to incarceration.

3. Identify how regimes of punishment have impacted worker well-being and define a just-transition into a decarcerated in CA.

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